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Truman Du


“Make ZWSOFT more competitive, and move to all-in-one CAx smoothly!”

Mark Vorwaller

@President of ZWSOFT America

“Can we make CAE affordable, functional and integrated? I say Yes.”


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Why all-in-one CAx? How to define it? What’s the latest progress and the future plan? ZWSOFT CEO Truman gave the answers.

ZWorld 2019: 

Move to All-in-one CAx

Have an overall review for ZWorld 2019, and prepare to be immersed in abundant wonderful content.

ZWorld 2019: 

Successful CAx 

Gathering and Sharing

ZWSOFT announced the winners of Partner Awards in 2018. 6 awards have been conferred on 46 winners. 

Announcement of ZWSOFT Partner Awards 2018

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