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What to Bring Home from ZWorld?

Products fresh from the oven

Be the first to know the latest CAx technologies of ZWSOFT, including CAD, CAM and CAE.

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It’s fashion, artistic, chic. Located in the “Blue Banana”, it’s also one of the most industrialized cities in Europe. Ready to be fascinated by the Gothic Duomo di Milano, operas in Teatro della Scala, and a cup of cappuccino in an elegant café.



ZWorld, the Engineering World Awaits You to Explore

In the engineering world, the ways people design and manufacture keep “evolving”, requiring us to also keep learning, innovating and cooperating. But how? 

Come to ZWorld, an open community for every one of you, no matter designers, engineers, entrepreneurs.

It’s time to EVOLVE. Together.


Learn various engineering solutions to boost your productivity and create amazing things.


Get inspired by the insights into the future of CAx. Innovative ideas spring from here.


Network with your peers to exchange great minds and seek business and technological cooperation.

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July 1-3